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Break/Space is a procedurally-generated space strategy game for the 48K ZX Spectrum. The original version was written entirely in BASIC for the 2017 ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam (https://itch.io/jam/zx-spectru...), but the latest release has been compiled into 100% machine code for a slicker gameplay experience.

After an accident while testing an experimental warp drive, you find yourself stranded in an uncharted area of the universe. Your only chance of getting home is to recover your four warp cores (jettisoned during the accident) and then return to the wormhole that brought you here in order to get back to warp speed and back to Earth.

Unfortunately this part of the universe is inhabited by six alien races – some nice, some not-so-nice. You can barter and battle with these as you see fit, although be careful – your actions will have consequences, and beating up an easy mark can make them less likely to deal with you the next time your paths cross.

Complicating matters more is the fact that your long-range scanners are broken so you can’t see what’s ahead of you until you enter a region. Your ship is also a little underpowered and can only carry a certain amount of fuel and armaments. However, it’s possible to use the few supplies you have to earn money, which you can then use to replenish stocks or improve your ship. And out in the darkness of space, perhaps there are other opportunities awaiting you?

But don’t take too long. The wormhole will close soon, and once that happens you’ll be trapped here forever!

Updated to version 1.9 (12/09/17).

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Tags8-Bit, Procedural Generation, Space, Turn-based Strategy, ZX Spectrum


Break-Space v1.9.tap 15 kB
Break-Space v1.9.pdf 114 kB
Break-Space v1.9 Source.zip 15 kB
Break-Space v1.1.tap 43 kB
Break-Space v1.1.pdf 97 kB
Break-Space v1.1.bas 35 kB

Install instructions

The game runs on a 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum or compatible (including 128k, +2, +3, etc.) or any good emulator for your modern computer.

The latest version has been compiled to machine code for a faster, slicker gameplay experience. If you'd like to see the last BASIC-only version then the downloads for version 1.1 are also available.

Development log


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Gorgeous wee game, and so good to see it being well-maintained.

Any danger of a "select the option and press fire" alternative version for those who play on emulators via joypad/virtual pad?

Would need quite a bit of reworking, but I'll add it to the wish list just in case I decide to come back and make any bigger changes.

Sorry for the delay replying, your post arrived while I was on holiday and I didn't notice it!

Wow, this game is damn fun... love it.

Thanks! :-)

Probably the only game in the Jam that feels like an actual, proper game, not a BASIC program copied from a magazine. The events are a bit too random, but great fun nevertheless. Finished v1.1 twice, looking forward to playing v1.6. :)

Thank you! I think if I ever did an enhanced version or a sequel I'd try to balance things a little better and make the universes less scattershot - one game can be very much harder than another just because of where everything lands.

Of all the games in the jam, this is the one I'd love to see redone in ZXBasic. Hopefully also with support for the actual cursor keys, or at least a prompt for people to use 5678, because only those of us who grew up with the Speccy would even think to try it, and that limits the potential audience.


Oddly enough I'm working on that right now. Hopefully won't take too long, I have a reasonable chunk of it up and running already.


Fabulous! \o/


I can't believe I finished something! \o/