Updated to version 1.1

1.1 (14/06/17)
• The game now always begins at the wormhole. This makes it a little easier to complete the task within the time limit, and fits better with the back-story. The intro text has been adjusted slightly to reflect this.
• There is now a greatly increased chance that if you buy info from a planet they will reveal the location of one of your warp core pieces. Previously the uncovered locations were completely random, now they’re weighted a little.
• The more aggressive aliens are now not quite as strong as they were before, as they were practically impossible to beat. They’re still just as aggressive, though.
• If your drive rating is higher than an attacking alien you will now get the jump on them and go first in combat, even if they are the instigators of the battle.
• If your drive rating is lower than an attacking alien then there is still a chance you will get to go first if they attack – the higher your drive rating, the more likely it is that you’ll react faster.
• The battle display now includes an icon to show you which race you’re fighting – useful for surprise attacks.
• Added missing BEEPs when revealing squares around the planet when buying info.
• Added @hot_piping credit to startup screen for people who don’t read the manual. Ironically those people won’t read this message either.
• Updated manual to include extra graphics and clarifications, plus this section.


Break-Space v1.1.tap 43 kB
Jun 14, 2017
Break-Space v1.1.bas 35 kB
Jun 14, 2017
Break-Space v1.1.pdf 97 kB
Jun 14, 2017

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