Version 1.6 is out!

I dunno, you wait ages for one release and then two come along at once. :-)

1.6 is a quick bug-fix release to put right an issue reported by Andre Faria over at the World of Spectrum forums (which effectively allowed you to get infinite money). I've taken the opportunity to sneak a few other little fixes in there at the same time. Thanks to Andre for the report, if you read Portuguese then be sure to check out his review of the game at Planeta Sinclair!

1.6 (17/07/17)
• Fixed cash overflow bug when buying cargo which could result in you having £65000+. Thanks to Andre Faria for reporting!
• Added Q/A support to buying/selling interface so you don’t have to revert to cursor up/down if you’ve been playing with QAOP.
• Reinstated the version number on the title screen which somehow went AWOL in 1.5.


Break-Space v1.6.tap (15 kB)
91 days ago
Break-Space v1.6.pdf (106 kB)
91 days ago
Break-Space v1.6 (15 kB)
91 days ago

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