Version 1.9 is out!

A little bit later than I intended, but 1.9 is now available. After the last release Ersh contacted me to point out some more issues with the economy code and was also kind enough to provide some fixes. I've included these into this latest release, and hopefully everything now works as it should always have. :-)

1.9 (02/09/17)
• Various rep/pricing fixes provided by Ersh. I screwed this up in the previous release and actually broke something that previously worked okay – oops!
• Rep changes for unprovoked attacks are now fairer.
• ‘Very’ prefix now correctly added when alien rep is zero.


Break-Space v1.9.tap 15 kB
Sep 12, 2017
Break-Space v1.9.pdf 114 kB
Sep 12, 2017
Break-Space v1.9 15 kB
Sep 12, 2017

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