Version 1.7 is out!

Ersh over at the World of Spectrum forums reported a couple of issues with the trading interface behaving weirdly. I took a quick look and he was totally right - although I'd used integers rather than bytes in what I thought were all the right places, there were a couple of places where calculations were performed on the fly without being directly assigned to variables and because both of those values were bytes the result was also being cropped to byte-size and that messed up the result. Anyway - fixed now, I hope!

Just a quick note on the end here to say thanks to everyone who's played the game and said nice things about it since release - it's been really brilliant to see people playing and enjoying it. Thank you, everyone. :-)

1.7 (02/08/17)
• Fixed two bugs in the buying and selling interface which resulted in you receiving the wrong amount of money when you sold goods worth more than £255 and/or being able to buy far more goods than your bank balance should have allowed. Thanks to Ersh for reporting both of those!


Break-Space v1.7.tap 21 kB
Aug 02, 2017
Break-Space v1.7.pdf 106 kB
Aug 02, 2017
Break-Space v1.7 15 kB
Aug 02, 2017

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