Version 1.8 is out!

Time for another new release, this time including fixes for a handful of issues which were all reported by Ersh over at the World of Spectrum forums. Big thanks to Ersh for finding all of these, and for offering a fix for one of them! Hope you all enjoy the new release!

1.8 (12/08/17)
• When buying a drive upgrade you got a boost of +10 instead of +1.
• If an attack on a ship caused shields to drop to exactly 0 then 1 point of hull strength would be accidentally restored.
• Events which resulted in you gaining free loot didn’t recalculate your cargo’s weight, which meant you could carry more than 50 tons of stuff and also caused some weird side effects when mining uninhabited planets.
• The reputation system wasn’t working properly, which meant that repeatedly being nice (or nasty) to a particular race didn’t result in their opinion of you changing. Hopefully this is correct now.


Break-Space v1.8.tap 15 kB
Aug 12, 2017
Break-Space v1.8.pdf 113 kB
Aug 12, 2017
Break-Space v1.8 15 kB
Aug 12, 2017

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