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 It’s Halloween and you’re on your way home from work, tired and hungry and wanting nothing more than to put your feet up in front of the TV. But something dark and evil lurks within your home, waiting for you to return...

Unhallowed is a classic text-adventure game with a few twists to make it more palatable for modern players.

Published 12 days ago
TagsText based, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionA few hours

Install instructions

Loading the game (ZX Spectrum version)

The game is compatible with 128k Spectrums only – i.e. a 128, +2, +2A or +3. It won’t work on a 48k model, sorry!

128K/Plus 2/Plus 3: Use the LOADER function from the main menu, then play the tape. The game will also work on your favourite Spectrum emulator, and has been tested as working (under emulation, at least) on the Pentagon 128 and Scorpion 256.

Loading the game (HTML version)

The HTML edition of the game requires a modern Internet browser with Javascript enabled. To load and play, double-click on the Unhallowed.html file, or drag it into a browser window.


Unhallowed-Spectrum_1.02.zip 128 kB
Unhallowed-HTML_1.02.zip 506 kB

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