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 It’s Halloween and you’re on your way home from work, tired and hungry and wanting nothing more than to put your feet up in front of the TV. But something dark and evil lurks within your home, waiting for you to return...

Unhallowed is a classic text-adventure game with a few twists to make it more palatable for modern players.

Now available for purchase on cassette, courtesy of Bitmap Soft!


Install instructions

Loading the game (ZX Spectrum version)

The game is compatible with 128k Spectrums only – i.e. a 128, +2, +2A or +3. It won’t work on a 48k model, sorry!

128K/Plus 2/Plus 3: Use the LOADER function from the main menu, then play the tape. The game will also work on your favourite Spectrum emulator, and has been tested as working (under emulation, at least) on the Pentagon 128 and Scorpion 256.

Loading the game (HTML version)

The HTML edition of the game requires a modern Internet browser with Javascript enabled. To load and play, double-click on the Unhallowed.html file, or drag it into a browser window.

Loading the game (Commodore 64 and Plus/4 versions)

The C64 and Plus/4 editions both come as a single, dual-format D64 disk image and both require 64K of memory.

To load, type: LOAD"*",8
Then type: RUN

Loading the game (Amstrad CPC version)
The Amstrad edition comes as a single DSK disk image and requires 64K of memory to run.

To load, type: RUN”DISC


Unhallowed-Spectrum_1.02.zip 128 kB
Unhallowed-HTML_1.02.zip 506 kB
Unhallowed-C64-Plus4_2.08.zip 150 kB
Unhallowed-CPC_2.08.zip 140 kB

Development log


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I liked this a lot. Thought it was very compelling. I've never actually finished a text adventure before so found completing this very satisfying. I liked the simplification of commands too. Very good work.

Thank you! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it - I was very much hoping to create something that would be fun for people who don't usually play or enjoy text adventures, but I was never sure it would actually work out!

Really great game, in every aspect.
I have only one complaint:
"OPEN TOILET" - really??? It is wrong by any means: contextually, by logic, by syntax.
It is flusher, not toilet; your alter ego is avoiding any use of this toilet - it is described as one from "Trainspotting". I stucked there and almost abort playing: beside that it sounds disgusting, I knew what I had to do, but trying to guess with "use screwdriver with  flush", "open flush", "push handle" etc becomes annoying.
Please, fix it if possible! 

On reflection, you're right - I should have made it clearer that it was the cistern of the toilet that you were opening and not the toilet itself, as that is pretty disgusting. I'll add it to the fix list. :-)

Thank you!
As I said somewhere, this is remarkable example how IF game should be done. Very, very balanced, beautifully described, interesting to read and to play... 
This is why that detail itches me: it is slightly out of balance of perfect game.
Thank you again and Merry Xmas, Hanuka... and Happy New Year, not just that one! ;)