Unhallowed v1.01 released

A quick note just to say that I've just unleashed Unhallowed 1.01, which includes the following changes:

1.01 (05/11/18)
• Fixed typo in table description.
• Added extra ‘you can’t do that because...’ descriptions to several seemingly feasible but incorrect puzzle solutions
• Added hyperlinks for exits and yellow objects to Adventuron version. Basically you can now navigate anything green or yellow with a mouse click if you wish.
• Updated long verbs/noun values for Adventuron version, which allows for better autocomplete functionality.
• Some spacing changes/edits to Adventuron version.
• Updated Hibernated 1 hyperlink.
• Added workaround for DivMMC/DivIDE loading problems.

Huge thanks to Alessandro Grussu for the help with the DivMMC/DivIDE issues. I don't own any similar hardware so it was pretty difficult to try to diagnose what might be wrong!

Not much more to add, except to say thank you to everyone who downloaded and played the game, and for all the positive feedback! The launch went far better than I had anticipated and I spent lots of time delivering cryptic (and not-so-cryptic) clues to people on Twitter and various forums. It's been brilliant to see everyone playing and enjoying the game, in particular the people who said they hadn't played an adventure in years (which is what I was specifically hoping for)!

Hugs! :-)

@Blerkotron, 06/11/18


Unhallowed-Spectrum_1.01.zip 127 kB
Nov 06, 2018
Unhallowed-HTML_1.01.zip 505 kB
Nov 06, 2018

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