Minesweeper 16/48 v1.0 released

Quick update!

It's been nearly a week now and I've had some lovely feedback on the initial release, including one silly bug that I'd missed and some suggestions as to how I might make it a bit better. Thank you to everyone who tried the initial release!

As such I've released version 1.0 today, with a few little tweaks around the edges to smooth things out. Please update and let me know what you think! :-)

1.0 (01/12/17)
• Mines are now seeded when you uncover your first cell rather than when the game starts. This means I can ‘rig’ the outcome of that first click to make sure you never hit a mine on your first go – a suggestion made by several people who played 0.99. It does mean a tiny pause after that first click on larger boards, but I think it’s worth it (I will keep trying to boost the speed of mine-laying in later versions).
• Fixed issue where clicking an uncovered cell could sometimes accidentally reduce the flag counter (occasionally below zero)
• Custom game message is now yellow rather than magenta to make sure it stands out if the background is also magenta.
• Board drawing is a tiny bit faster.
• Added version number to main menu.


MineSweeper16-v1.0.tap 8 kB
Dec 01, 2017
MineSweeper48-v1.0.tap 11 kB
Dec 01, 2017
Minesweeper-v1.0.pdf 98 kB
Dec 01, 2017

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